Somerset Crimebeat was launched in 1998 is to give young people up to the age of 25 an opportunity to help combat crime and the causes of crime in the community.

It is led by the current High Sheriff of Somerset and successive High Sheriffs have also pledged their support, providing valuable continuity throughout the years.

Somerset Crimebeat is supported by Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Local Authority Youth and Community Services and The Probation Service.

As of October 2016 Somerset Crimebeat Trust is administered by Somerset Community Foundation, in partnership with Quartet Community Foundation, but will remain an independent charity.

The Charity

Its Aims


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Somerset Crimebeat is funded entirely by donations and the Trustees would like to express their gratitude to its donors, some of whom have contributed generously on a regular basis.

We appreciate all donations, large or small; if you would like to help young disadvantaged people in Somerset by making a contribution, please click here.

A ‘Thank You’ to our Donors

Thank you!
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